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The Advantages of Waterjet Cutting Technique

Whether you are new to the technology or are a veteran in it, you need to be well aware of the benefits, as many as they are, of using waterjet cutting. We will be taking a look at some of the benefits of waterjet cutting in this post so as to help you make such an informed business decision going forward.

One thing that needs to be known is that there are two primary kinds of waterjet cutting and these are the pure and the abrasive waterjet cutting. For the pure waterjet cutting technique, this is that which basically sees the use of nothing but the water streams for the cutting and is most commonly applied for the cutting of the soft materials such as foam and paper. And talking now of the abrasive waterjet cutting techniques, this is that cutting method that actually sees the addition of the granular abrasives to the water streams for the cutting. With the abrasive waterjet cutting, where we have the addition of the granular abrasives for the cutting, there will be an improvement on the power of the cutting and this as such makes them such an ideal cutting method for some of the hard materials such as metals and ceramics, cutting such with a lot of ease.

Check out the following for some of the benefits that come with the waterjet cutting techniques and improve your general knowhow of the technology so as to be able to make better business decisions.

The first of the benefits of the waterjet cutting is in the fact that it is applicable on a wide range of materials all ranging from such materials as rubber, composites, metals, glass, stone or rock, ceramics, plastics, et cetera. By the way, where you even add the granular abrasives, you will see a waterjet cutting technology cut materials as thick as 200mm.

One more benefit of waterjet cutting is the fact that with it, there will be no issues of heated affected zones on the cut materials. This is as a result of the fact that in waterjet cutting, there is applied cold cutting technology and this not only results in such clean cuts as the only benefit but as well increases the safety of the operators as there is significantly lowered the chances of risks of burns. Over and above this, the cold cutting technology as well is as good as it helps you limit the cases of material distortion as a result of the fact that the heat is bypassed and as such so good for the cutting of such materials like metals which may be affected by such heats on them while being worked on for cutting. As a matter of fact, where you choose waterjet cutting as your preferred method for cutting, you can be well assured of such clean and smooth cuts, free of any burring effects on them.

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